Flesh, Eyes, Life…


For all that is in the world — the desires of the flesh and the desires of the eyes and the pride of life — is not from the Father but is from the world.  1 John 2.16 ESV

Some versions say lust vice desire.  Yikes…kind of cues to mind the theme song of the Vikings TV show…’…more, give me more, give me more…’ — the creepy voice is not without effect…though I like the song 🙂

No clue what the song-writer meant…but to my mind comes the thought of where consumerism leads…more…give me more…give me more…it’s unending.  It’s never, ever, enough.

My BSF lesson [second half of John 4] described the various lusts/desires…and it was very convicting and sticky for me.  I’m still thinking about it…it didn’t just slide though.  It demanded a pause for reflection.

Lust/desires of the flesh -> more things to feel

Lust/desires of the eyes -> more things to own

Pride of life ->  more things to be proud about

All outside satisfaction that should be found only in the Lord.

Kind of makes me consider my shopping…what is my motive for my purchases…fill needs or own more things????


I don’t mean to shop erroneously or sinfully…so I want to be sure that isn’t what I’m doing.

Over the last decade I’ve learned some things about myself, and they may contribute to my excess ->

I like to get ready quickly…and this means having a curated closet [to curate a closet is usually a lot of trial and error -> remedy with good return policies].

I like extras in case I delay laundry day…I’m at the point where this is no longer an issue [but current excess may be due to this in part].

When something works, I want spares for when a thing starts to show wear…the best jeans…the best tees…belts…etc.

Not frequently reaching for something doesn’t mean get rid of it as I can literally go years without using some things and still need them…I’ve had to re-buy things just because of careless tossing/donating.


Going Forward

I need an action plan.

Deals are tempting…

Pretty things are tempting…

Giving thought to my ways:

  • Use some birthday rewards for gifts.
    • This could be a yearly thing…maybe not all…but surely some.
    • It is economically expedient.
  • Make more effort to find new ways to wear things I already have.
    • Pinterest
    • Polyvore
    • Google Images
    • Keep a list of findings…a curated check list of things to try!
  • Put more effort into selling on Poshmark and not spending the proceeds.
    • Share brands I don’t wear.
    • Share sizes I don’t wear.
  • Delete the sale/marketing emails.
  • Take real inventory of what I have.
    • XLS perhaps?
    • Wunderlist for outfit ideas…
  • Keep a list of things I think I might need -> Wunderlist!
  • Read a bible passage when I feel tempted [practice the pause by doing something useful]…and other books.
  • Always be looking for things to donate.
  • Be cautious with pretty fashion blogs.  Clever marketing to get a “relatable” person to sell your wares…wish I’d thought of it.

Above all, trust God to provide what I truly need…He has in the past.

I feel redundant…but perhaps that is the point…this is something I’ll have to war against continually…

I will always have to refocus and get back to what I know I should be doing.

I feel assaulted by all the sale info when my mind is right…when it isn’t I feel excited for more things to have [desires of the eyes 😐 ].

Note to self -> it is spiritual warfare in my case.


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