Funny Frye Boots

I really DK what to do with these boots.  I liked them in the picture…they came from Poshmark…they are also the reason I won’t buy much else from Poshmark.  The girl shipped the boots with her socks still in them – seriously, who does that?!  Not new socks either.  😐

I like new, but I’m not above consignment items…just no used socks…but after decontamination with Lysol/etc I feel a bit better about them.

I like the colors…would have to see how such an outfit looks on me?
Maybe to dress up some leggings?
Super casual and cozy without being in sneaks?
Under boyfriend jeans?

IDK why I bought them, I like them in the pictures above…and I liked them on Poshmark…but it seems they are another reason why I am trying to be more mindful and restrictive in my shopping!

Note to self -> Like != Needful/Useful/Cute…


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