Bordeaux Beret

Maybe this beret.

Recommended here…got this dress as a backdrop for my boots and scarves…and I had reward money from some Banana Republic shopping this summer 🙂 that I could pair with the 40% off sale I’ve gotten emails, snail mail, and texts about 😐  And rather than forget to spend it…now seemed just as good a time as any.

It’s also probably more cozy than jeggings that squeeze all the life and happiness out of my quads…  😐 fit girl problems.

Pants fit, then they don’t…then they fit again.  I’m waiting for the again 😐  It’s like magic – perhaps black magic 😐  Evil jean madness… [heaving a very hefty sigh]

I think I am becoming the person who buys clothing for my accessories…kind of like how I eat certain foods ONLY for the condiments I can put on them.

Fried corn bread for apple butter and jelly…pinto beans for chow-chow relish…rice for rosemary & thyme green beans…etc.

Plain dresses and tops for statement necklaces and pretty scarves.

Hello and welcome to the family Marion Berry & Blackjack Dresses 🙂

Outfit Ideas by Boot

Black OTK

blanket scarf [tan, reds, hunter, black]

black flyaway cardi

black studded moto

black BR vest

black velvet vest and skinny scarf

Natural OTK

applicable scarf that ties the colors

denim jacket

striped denim moto

Wine OTK

Shooting for monochrome without looking like a pitcher of sangria…


Black Harrow

crossover cardi that ties with statement necklace

black moto with applicable scarf

black blazer with applicable scarf

Tan Harrow

[black dress] black topper

[berry dress] scarf to tie the colors

Walnut Margot

[black dress] black topper

[berry dress] scarf to tie the colors

Grey Margot

[black dress] black topper

[berry dress] scarf to tie the colors




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