A 1st: Free People

Admired from afar until I found a price worth experimenting with [thank you Shop Bop Sale].  I kinda like their stuff…but not enough for full price…generally, it isn’t my style…but lately…I’ve seen a few things.

The rub -> they run a tad big, at least in these dresses…but no matter, layering will fix that.

I also find it to be a tad short for most days.  Most.

As an under layer…

Layer under sweaters – cropped or not cropped.

As an over layer…

Not sure if a belt would be needed.  Trial and error it is!

Under a cardi…

Maybe still with a long-sleeved shirt underneath…

Playing on my petite stature…

Being shorter has advantages:

  1. Rare is the dude that is shorter.
  2. High waters tend not to happen.
  3. Hem lengths can be shorter without being vulgar.

In this case, I’m thinking #3…these dresses are shorter than I thought [short on models tends to mean fine for me as there is usually a 7″ height difference], especially on the sides.  However, with OTK boots and a blazer, it’s not so much skin showing…so no way it is even approaching vulgar.  Even if it did, add super opaque tights and presto…back in the realm of decency.  At least in theory.

All in all…I think the first three are suitable for every day…


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