Statement Belts


I’d be elated to own this belt.  I like my statement accessories, but heading towards $500 for a belt…I don’t think God would have me to do that presently ( -> good steward and all that).  Would that I could…but I can’t.  That kind of money would have to be a drop in the bucket…

So what can I do?

Find an inexpensive alternative [while hoping to find a vintage one at a price I can stomach].

Alternative -> NOT replica/fake/etc. which fund crime and other evil.  See here and here and here.  It’s serious and the victims are real.  Lives are ruined by that kind of garbage.

My logic is, if I can’t afford an authentic one, it isn’t what God has for me.  Thou shall not steal…and all that.  😐


I love a good belt.  They:

  • jazz up a simple dress.
  • make leaving a button down untucked stylish vice sloppy.
  • help me forget that a cardi is left open because it gapes at the holes 🙂
  • hold my britches up.

For me, I need to cinch at the waist and make that a focal.  It pulls my looks together.

Belts and necklaces are my thing.

Dream Big!



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