New Shoes, New Life

All one really needs is the right dress!

Real new life comes through Jesus.

New life -> new destiny -> new focus.

While I like to be happy, my chief aim is to please God.

That includes my style of dress.

In a colloquial way of speaking, new shoes give tried & true outfits new life.

Change shoes, and you can change the whole vibe of an outfit.

In an attempt to shop less [not shopping at all isn’t realistic for me…it’s my hobby to play with my look…and it is good manners to be well dressed in things that fit…I don’t party….I don’t serial date…etc.  Shopping is my jam. 🙂 ], I’m giving serious thought to my ways.  And I’ve noticed:

  • Not all trends are prudent for me (body or lifestyle).
  • Not all trends do my testimony justice (if it causes another to blaspheme Jesus I shouldn’t wear it – not should I be a stumbling block).
  • I need variety…so a true uniform wouldn’t suit me.
  • I require comfort, style and quality equally.
  • My fitness pursuits have kept my body changing for the past 4 years.
  • I’m tired of giving away unworn things and selling them is starting to wear on my patience.
  • True style isn’t dictated by changing trends.  The old ladies at my church bear witness to this.  Stately and beautiful in well-kept hats, dresses/suits and accessories that are likely decades older than I am.  Though I am sure that some of that beauty and stateliness radiating from them is their personal relationships with Christ.

Given all of those filters…it really makes little sense to be excessive in clothes.  I really wear the same kinds of outfits and only change the shoes and accessories.  So why buy the extra in the first place?  I’m going to stop.

I really do adhere to certain outfits based on my role in a situation and how functional/mobile I need to be.

With Infant

Little eyes are always watching.  My aims are to be:

  • mobile -> sensible but stylish footwear
  • jeggings or leggings
  • appropriate tops/toppers that cover things
  • large bags -> they become a dumping ground for all our junk

With My Chicas

Anything goes usually.  Our styles are so different, it isn’t likely we’d duplicate each other – and would care if we did.  They are some pretty awesome ladies.

  • dresses
  • skirts with cute tops/toppers
  • jeggings or leggings with cute tops/toppers
  • cute bags
  • stylish footwear if we aren’t walking…if we are -> sensible but stylish footwear

Bible Studies

Tasteful but comfortable…and varies by mood for heels.  BSF has more standing and movement than the church’s bible study.

  • jeggings with longer tops
  • boots, booties or sandals

Sunday Service

Usually ‘all that extra’ but if I’m tired I still do dresses and statement baubles.

  • dresses, heels, statement necklaces, bold lip and gold eyes
  • less dressy dresses, cute flats, statement necklaces, gloss and gold eyes


I could stand to improve here…lol.

  • after the gym -> gym gear 😐 [ends justify the means -> efficiency and expedience]
  • after/while working -> lounge wear

This is why my lounge wear needs to be stepped up.  I’m not getting dressed just to go to the grocery store.  The end.

Goals then:

  1. comfortable bottoms that tuck into boots or look cute with flats/sandals
  2. appropriate tops that make leggings tasteful
  3. hats and big sunglasses 🙂
  4. donate anything unworthy or add to the tee shirt quilt pile

Fictitious Dates

No clue.  Haven’t been on one in ages.  Cute though…definitely cute.

Moving on…

Seriously, I’ve noticed that I heavily rely on these for variety and just re-wear my favorites:

  • Cardigans/toppers
  • Statement necklaces
  • Other cute jewelry
  • Bold/semi-bold scarves
  • Cute footwear
  • Headbands

So why bother with excessive garment storage and the toil of trend chasing?

Note to self -> don’t.

Note new colors for polish and trends for accessories.


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