Trend: Fall Florals



Fall Florals — Some seem very dark and pretty 🙂 pretty enough to try!  I don’t, however, love most flowers (daisies for example)…I could see these -> here and here and here and here and here… I’d just drown it in solids…chunky sweater and OTK boots!


Dress…Long Kimono.

I think a dress would be ideal because:

Easy and complete outfit.  All that is needed is accessories and shoes.

They flatter me more than pants.

They are easier to find in a cut/size that fits/flatters than jackets, pants, shirts or skirts.

A flowy top could work too.  Or this one.

A scarf would be easy to add too!  Like this…or this…or this…or this.


Nothing, though I own no floral items.  At least not that I can think of.


(But unlikely…)



Pants.  JUST.NO.

Note to Self

If I’m honest, I get TOO excited about new things.  I like change and love pretty things.  I’ve bought things that seemed good at the time, but were never worn.  Those days are over.  I’ll start with floral kimonos I already own and pair with:

  • Solid black dress.
    • Long sleeved Express dress.
    • Sleeveless Express dress.
  • Waist belt.
  • OTK boots.

If not…proceed in order:

  • Scarf
  • Flowy Top
  • Dress




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