Trend: Granny Chic

Granny Chic?  I’d probably just call it prim  and maybe add ‘with a semi-retro feel.’  Either way, it is super suitable for Sunday Finery and Weekend Larks!

My Grandmama was super elegant and stylish.  Even in her jeans and KEDS [on trash burning day – she was wholly independent] there was always polish.  I miss her.  She was very stately, dignified, patient, generous, and meek.  Qualities I hope to possess and grow into.

She had a way with words that usually meant someone ‘got told’ without realizing it until much later.  Then there were the other times when correction was direct, but still, not unkind and never any shouting.  She didn’t shout.  It wasn’t needed to be effective.

She never wore or did anything ostentatiously.  I respect that…especially in a world full of loud and annoying ‘look at me’ people.

She’d mastered the the skill of being content – her words were ‘I’ve been richer and I’ve been poorer – I like richer better…but God knows were I am.’  She lived out her faith [vice merely being a mouthpiece with few works]…her faith had feet!

She inspired me.  The things that always come to mind are:

  • She always had high quality items.  Less was more.
  • Classic black furs in various lengths.
  • Fantastic smelling perfumes.
  • Sleek but comfortable shoes…mostly almond toe and without excessive ornamentation.
  • Classy hats [antithesis of some of the Derby monstrosities].
  • Classic and tasteful diamonds and pearls.
  • Classic coats.
  • Brooches.

We’re not built the same so wearing her clothes was never an option…but I find ways to always give a nod to her in my ensembles.  I found a pretty vintage “blonde” [pretty shade of tan] mink stole.  If it is mink, it’s not high end…if it’s faux, I’m okay with that.  🙂  It’s a Grandmama-Nod type of item.

It’s in my nature to be just a wee bit over the top; it amuses me…but not in a ‘hey look at me’ kind of way…more the ‘this is funny and I’m having fun’ kind of way!

Just add OTK boots.
Sunday Finery!
What can I say?  Fur is fun; and faux is affordable!

Other Grandmama-Nod items are:

  • classic black heels and flats.
  • classic outerwear/toppers – wool, trenches, blazers, cardigans, etc.
  • small tasteful earrings – single stone drops, pearls, studs, etc.
  • vintage looking rings – no more than one per hand.
  • black slacks.
  • white/ivory blouses.

As for Granny-Chic – I’m considering [in my closet]:

  • faux furs
  • pearls
  • pencil skirts and blouses
  • appropriate heels – for some reason I’m seeing black
  • classic bags
  • turtlenecks
  • head scarves
  • over-sized coats

I think it will come down to the pairing.

Note to self -> NO purchases!




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