OTK Boots – [Mostly] Final Selection


Just because they make it in your size, doesn’t mean you should wear it…I firmly believe this.  The above boots did not flatter me at all.  The Thighland [left] looked hideous on and had an odor [The main pro was the shade of grey, closely followed by the lower block heel].  The Tyliee [center] looked like a great crispy fried chicken drumstick [really, who wants to make their thighs look larger!  The main pros were the color and the comfort of the heel.].  The Guess boot [right, forgot the style name – utterly forgettable and the in person grey had a hint of purple…the main pro was nothing 🙂 ] was just cheap and baggy – their stuff never impresses me.

**I fully know, there is some stunning lady who can pull each of these of – I, however,  am not her.**

The boots I did like, and settled on in the Wine, Black and Natural colors, were the Mark Fisher Humor OTK boots.  Infant keeps me busy so flats are a must.  My To Do List is too long to be tottering around on heels most days [Sundays are another matter – hence the Halogen Noble – which I don’t really recommend as it isn’t that comfortable].

In college my girls and I always said ‘know your role‘ – and it still applies.  I have little need of heels…and even less patience for them.  In a flat, I can be a reasonably stylish mom without sacrificing speed or comfort.


Parent-Teacher Meetings

PTSA Meetings

Bible Studies

Dinner Out


IDK – some unknown night out 🙂


Working from Home

Playing Taxi for Infant


Something…using accessories to dress it up or down as needed!


Daily Grind – This girl loves plaid!


Sashay Any Day All Day


I really like the versatility…sure flats don’t have the same appeal as heels, but, at the end of the day, money is wasted on unworn shoes/boots.


Wine is always welcome…in a bottle 🙂 or as a pop of color in an otherwise mundane outfit.

Note to self -> you’ve enough boots now.  Rings, however, are a bit sparse 🙂


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