Fit Gear for Lounge Wear


The best lounge wear can be worn on a store run if needs must.

It’s cute, it wicks sweat and it is comfortable enough for lounging during a Netflix binge and suitable for Wal-mart…maybe not the mall or a school 🙂

I don’t love lounging in jeggings or skinny jeans…and that is pretty much all I own.

Also, fitness leggings/tights are way better than normal leggings as they are SUPER opaque and still wick sweat!

Infant wouldn’t share her Jordan slides…SO -> I got my own, and they are black and fuchsia -> far cuter than her PLAIN black and white [I know, petty much?!].  They are also so comfortable for chores that require standing [laundry, dishes, getting the mail, etc.].  I had a piece of mulch pierce a flip-flop so I don’t wear them outside the house now but before that support was generally lacking.

A basic capsule would include:

  • tanks
    • Old Navy has the best for the price
  • running shorts
    • so far I like New Balance and Fila best
  • slides
    • Jordan
  • leggings
    • sizing up is good for lounging
    • -or-
    • yoga vice compression
  • socks
    • fuzzy for cold
    • ankle/fit for all others
  • a hoodie or two
    • full zip only


  • Marshalls, TJMaxx, ROSS

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