Simple Elegance

As I’ve matured, I’ve gone from wanting fast fashion obsessively to wanting solid pieces I can depend on…thereby shortening the time it takes to get ready…for any type of event.  I want complete outfits that give off a polished and elegant vibe…be they casual or dressy.


Things like cardigans, skirts, blouses, and accessories that aren’t super trendy or ornate mix and match well for me.  I do, however, tend to have a few too many of such things 🙂


V-necks work better for me than crew necks and rounded necks.  I’ve no idea why rounded don’t suit me [in my mind at least].  Ruanas are great – I don’t love wearing coats as much as I love having them 🙂  Skinny jeans and jeggings that neatly tuck into boots are also important to me for cooler months [hate them when it’s hot – issue due to thighs that touch 🙂 ].

Bold lips are great!  Classic colors like reds and berries seem best.


Wine colors are so pretty for fall.  Marsala…sangria…bordeaux…merlot…etc…I love them.

Simple sweaters and jeans are great canvases for the fun accoutrements of fall -> scarves, hats, huge necklaces, excessive boots, etc.

Comfortable and cozy clothing are great for even the smallest of errands like Starbucks and library runs!




My affinity is toward understated beauty with accents.  It has never really been my thing to have a bunch of statements in one outfit.  That is a nightmare to me.  I like balance between quiet and bold.  Quiet with a bit of bold – that is how I roll 🙂 🙂 🙂

My Style Aims


I am happy with myself…my identity is hidden in Christ, ergo I don’t have to be excessively bold in compensation for any insecurity.  I like me and I want my clothing to communicate that.  Not because I care what others think but because I don’t want any wrong ideas projected.  I am fierce about that.  Moderation is VERY important.  My rule is -> one star per outfit.  Busy outfits tend to be very ugly to me.  I’d never say this to the wearer, but my grief it’s like assault and battery on the eyes.


I like symmetry, balance, neatness, and feeling fluid.  I like things I can move well in.  My gait won’t be altered and I won’t be stuffed into my clothing.


As I strive to grow as a person, I always want to grow toward increasing elegance.  I want to be stylish, polished and sophisticated…albeit in a quiet way.  A new facet to this, for me, is to consider the environment in which I’ll wear something.  Refinement in behavior is important too…we all know the lady who acts like a nut because her clothes are so precious.  That will not be me.  If I feel precious about something, perhaps it costs too much for my life/budget.  Caring for things isn’t a good reason to be unkind.


Tastefulness is closely tied to prudence.  Is this appropriate for where I am going, the people I’ll be with, and the things we’ll be doing?  If the answer to any is ‘no’ – the outfit is lacking in appropriateness.  And that isn’t acceptable.

Beyond that, is it appropriate for me – age, life, body, etc. – that is crucial.


Do all of the items cohesively go together?  If not, remove the offender.  Juxtaposition is fine – but some things will never coexist well -> kids and expensive shoes/clothing, outdoor events and spike heels, running shoes and suits, too  many statement things in one outfit, and etc.  Harmonies aren’t loud and ugly things either.  If every piece in the outfit is loud [statement item or not], to me, that is exceedingly ugly.


Natural.  Easy to understand.  Ease.  Effortlessness.  Clarity.  Clean lines.  In short, clothes that aren’t super busy.  Some ruffles and other ornamentation is fine…the same is true of [tastefully done] bright colors…but they can get quite vulgar in excess.


Before any big expenditure, I consider longevity.  How long can I keep it compared with the price?  I want my major buys to be lasting, ageless and semi-permanent.  A red patent leather heel isn’t really worth the same to me as a classic black leather heel that is well-made and comfortable.  Trends aren’t worth high prices either [neon, cut-outs, velvet, certain prints, random colors, etc.].  Things I can abide with long term are seldom ornate.  The ornate must be a deal 🙂

Appropriately Accented

I’m not a ring on every finger kind of girl -> I tend toward one per hand, on the same finger if possible.  I like statement pieces, but will wear only one as is determined by the outfit.  A bold dress needs less accenting than jeans and a t-shirt.  Just enough so as not to look uncouth or like I’m not used to anything or like my parents didn’t teach me anything [phrases uttered in disgust by many of my kin at the style/behavior mistakes of others – we’re forthright vice mean 🙂 ].  Just enough to have a complete/finished look.

Enough > Excess

See here for the antithesis of the aforementioned qualities.  Or here.  All that extra just isn’t necessary…and it isn’t always attractive!  To me, it is a fine line between stylish and not [plain or tacky being the extremes].


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