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Muscles and fat have one thing in common, they change your shape and how clothing fit.

Being strong is amazing and fun!  In addition to that, I’ve found that with a progression that includes a gradually improving diet and progressive overloading of weights, one can be absolutely sure of some change.

After having to very nearly re-do  my entire wardrobe [several times], I’ve decided my focus is on things that won’t be affected by muscle or fat.  I feel wasteful rather than generous when I have to dispense with items that are NWT.  That hurts.

  • How could I shop so carelessly?! -> not rich by any means!
  • Why didn’t I think I would succeed?! -> work ethic is on point!
  • Why did I assume my body wouldn’t change thus changing how clothes fit?!
  • Why didn’t I know [or research] how clothes fit muscles differently than fat?!

Even more than that, many other purely fashion related lessons were learned too:

  • I’m not super bold or super into flesh peddling…so some trends should NOT have been bought.
  • The older I get, the more I realize, I like simple outfits that look great but don’t require a lot of fuss.
  • Wash & Wear is my friend; Dry Clean Only is not.
  • Beware of pilling.  Express One Eleven has low quality despite the low prices.
  • I tend to reach for the same things…jeans and a cute shirt with great accessories.
  • I’d rather vary my neutrals than wear a ton of loud colors.
  • Prints aren’t really my thing outside leopard, plaid, and stripes.
  • Shoes, even non-statement ones, are a game changer.  Have the right boots and a white tee and jeans are instantly elevated.
  • Statement necklaces are a must -> they really dress up simple designs.  They are also easier to vary than the actual clothes.
  • Accessories are inexpensive updates to keep classics/basics modern.
  • Cropped tops are great for layering, especially if tucking is required.
  • I don’t need quite so many  jeans.
  • There tends to be an affordable options that is viable [i.e. not super cheap looking or uncomfortable] for every expensive item that I admire [Thou shall not covet!].

I’ve also found that watched pots don’t boil.  Given that, I just watch the fitness process and strength gains vice body changes which can seem to be slow to happen.

As I’ve never been athletic so I had no idea that one can fit the same ‘sized’ body that has little muscle into smaller sized clothing than a body that has fair to decent muscle!

SO – as of today, my revised birthday gift to myself is boots.  And because the Thighland was such a fail and my chosen ones are so much cheaper…I still can do Christmas to myself 🙂

Happy Birthday to Me -> Mark Fisher Humor – here or here.  True OTK vice barely OTK!

  1. Natural
  2. Wine
  3. Black

To a(the) reader(s) -> Macy’s has 40% off of three pairs of shoes 🙂 through 10.16.2016.

Note to self -> you always hate Guess, DISPENSE with them fully, that brand doesn’t work for you!  🙂   Like ever.

Ponder further -> keeping cognac colored leather OTK boot.  Also ponder grey…I love grey 🙂

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