Fall 2016

fall list
Things to check off…

For me, fall means brisker air, pretty foliage, plaid, pumpkin, boots, and colder mornings!  I don’t love the cold, but I love the scent of fall air!

My current locale suits itself to not be a thriving metropolis – but – I’m working on finding the advantages of that – so far they are :


Sound Church

Low Sales Tax

Great Public Library

And that is about it – as the state/city/local taxes stink as much as the multitudes rude nonchalant closed-minded people (grew here and never went anywhere else – and not in the charming Hallmark movie type of way)…both of which are only surpassed by an utter lack of fun things to do.  I don’t prefer huge cities, but a quiet town outside of or near one would be nice…BUT I am here and it is time to make lists of things to do so as not to be bored 🙂  I’m sure I’m missing some things that I’d be grateful for if I knew about them 🙂

What I have learned in my time here – if something fun pops up to do, you  better enjoy it as it could be months until the next fun thing to do.  This includes concerts, fairs, fashion shows and the like.

SO -> I’ve mapped out a few things for Infant and me to do…farms for apples and pumpkins [and the applicable tasty treats], pix with our fave photographer, baking & treat making, art classes, scenery review and manicures in fall colors.

🙂  A quiet life can be a good life – if you make it one!  🙂


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