My Manifesto

At least as of today…though it is likely to evolve…quotes give words to unformed ideas in my head…they speed things up 🙂

What is a manifesto? Had to look it up and found:

Written statement that describes a group’s or person’s:

  • Policies
  • Goals
  • Opinions

So  here are mine

-> today at least

-> first draft 🙂


Definite course of method/action selected to guide/determine decisions…

High level overall plan embracing the general goals and acceptable procedures…

  • Appropriate.
    • For Venue.
    • For Me.
  • Affordable Quality.
  • Versatility.


Something you are trying to do/achieve…

  • Shop Less.  Buy Quality.
  • More Closet Space.
  • Carefully Curated Closet.
  • Stylish Quick Dressing.
  • Enough Polish & Elegance.
  • Reduce Redundancies.
  • Increase Options.


Belief, judgement or way of thinking about something…

  • I like pretty things that feel good.
  • I also like things that can EASILY be dressed up or down.
  • I like plugging and playing with things too.
  • Shopping for my shape is paramount.
  • I feel best when I am well dressed.
  • Extensions make getting ready so easy.
  • Better to have a few great things than a ton of mediocre ones.
  • If it sucks to wear, it shouldn’t be kept.  Vigilance!
  • Leggings aren’t pants…unless there is a long, dress-like shirt to go with them 🙂
  • Footwear -> needs must!
  • Accessories -> also needs must!
  • Inspiration helps prevent monotony and redundancy.  Do aim to find ideas using things currently owned vice creating a shopping list 🙂
  • Not every trend is for me.
  • Classic styles are useful longer.
  • If I’m seriously obsessing, I should buy it.
  • I need to get and stay one size before seriously investing in clothes.  However, one doesn’t get too fat or thin for shoes/accessories.
  • Opinions are like bums – everyone’s got one and sometimes they stink -> dress for yourself anyway.

For future refer…to be focused…to shop less!


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