J’aime Frippery


The extra bits make the outfit to me…they are what I notice on others also -> shoes, earrings, necklaces, rings, watches, purses, scarves, etc.  Clothes are great and I want my clothes to be stylish but also [and likely more importantly] comfortable and functional…this means a hard stop on clothes that would be striking but unpleasant to wear…SO…fripperies it is!


11 things…nay -> 11 fripperies on my radar presently:

  1. Lowland Boot [Loden [tan-ish] or Londra [grey-ish]…I have a feeling I will eventually get it]
    • Way up the thigh too 🙂
    • Supple suede – OMG, suede that has captured my heart 🙂
  2. Tartan
    • J’adore tartan too!
    • Scarves
    • Vest(s)
    • Shirt(s)
  3. Super Opaque Tights [no pale yellow skin peeking through]
    • What brand?????
  4. Leopard Blanket Scarf [preferably NOT a linty one]
  5. New Black Dress  [frippery canvas]
  6. Low Maintenance Makeup/Polish
    • Polish that withstands manual labor
      • Infrequent Mani & Pedi care
      • Not sure on polish…
    • Eye makeup that looks good and stays put
    • Lip gloss and lipsticks that stay put and look good
      • Great success with Mary Kay Semi-Matte in Crushed Berry
      • Mary Kay Glosses – LOVE this and this and am thinking about trying this
      • I must be ugly normally or plain or homely lol because the looks and stopping to stare was a bit epic for the Crushed Berry.  😐
  7. Leopard Purse [Clare V has one…but who else…I’d like something else]
  8. Headband Bling
  9. Huge Shades
  10. Coordinating Rings [one for each hand]
    • I like the antiquey ones
    • And the ethnic looking chunky ones [reminds me of an image I have of a gypsy]
    • And garish cocktail ones that are comfy-ish
  11. Hair Extensions [super long the next time…22″ 🙂 ]

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