Closet Confidence #8

Challenge is here.

Upgrade the daily look via certain basics [well they are my basics and definitely major players in any capsule I plan]:

1 – Bold/Statement Toppers

  • Pretty capes
  • Coats with pretty details
  • Bold cardigans
  • Kimonos
  • New denim bolero with bronze beading [street fair find!]
  • Need -> blush or grey moto

I have much – but if I were to add on…it would be limited to casual elegance that is easy to wear and fits my lifestyle.  I hate driving in coats, so capes are great – movement is restricted.  I like Kimonos for elevating jeans and a tank.

Toppers are an easy way to make an outfit feel cohesive and planned without all the effort.

2 – Great Shoes that Look & Feel Good

  • Harrow – black or tan
  • Margot – grey or tan/walnut
  • Ghillie flats – blush or black
  • OTK suede boot
  • Suede knee boot
  • Paulline wedges – black and nude
  • Need -> slate OTK suede boots

No outfit is every great if the shoes aren’t.  The end.

I feel pretty solid here save for one wishlist pair of boots 🙂

3 – Accessories

  • Statement necklaces
  • Long and layered necklaces
  • Cute earrings
  • Statement rings
  • Bold scarves
  • Pretty bags
  • Long extensions – yep, fake hair is the best hair – IDK how it is so low maintenance but it is…especially for a fit girl!
  • Need -> grey bag
  • Need -> Leo Sandrine

I keep a stash of add-on items and it is rather huge.  I don’t believe in that one-year rule for getting rid of stuff in general BUT even if I did, I wouldn’t for accessories.  I have found that heavy items don’t get worn as often and cheap jewelry doesn’t hold up…so why bother with those.

Whether it is top & bottom or a dress – I always try to have all three.  Great basics make dressing easier.

Note to self -> you really need nothing -> be grateful 🙂




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