Lovely Loungewear


Goal: Dress well at home consistently -> Lovely Loungewear!

Inspired by: Ma

Her lounge wear could double as an outfit…add pumps and head to church or a casual shoe and out to dinner.  Seriously.  My shameful lack is heavy upon me.

Ideas [so far]:

  • Fit gear
  • Peasant items
  • Cute & cozy
  • Defends against chills as needed
  • Suitable for a quick store run


  1. Can’t make me look fat.
  2. Can’t make me feel fat.
  3. Can’t itch.
  4. Can’t ride up.
  5. Can’t be a tripping hazard.
  6. Can’t drag the floor.
  7. Can’t be uncomfortable.

First step -> purge all the rest.

  • Keeper tees to quilt pile.
  • Unsuitable items to CLL pile.
  • Be brutal but reasonable [lest the urge to refill via shopping happens].

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