Thighland in Slate Grey

Happy Birthday!

Merry Christmas!

Great Goal Getting [at least times 2 for really BIG ones!]!

Anything short of perfection or love and I am sending them back!

This is beyond a huge splurge for me [and I’m not shopping lol – well I’m not shopping for redundancies lol]…but I think they will fill a grey boot sized gap quite well.

I’ve found outfits…most can be done with items in my Current Curation of a Closet.

I love Polyvore for test driving ideas…without the hassle of trying them on.
-> weed out before trying on
-> brainstorming
Above are some sets, some my own ideas and some of others.  The bible says advice is good and that plans succeed with many counselors.  If I hadn’t gotten a ton of ideas, I likely would have just stuck with my black ones.  I also checked my sanity with M…I think she was glad they weren’t black LOL  I tend toward easy…and black is always easy.  Black, black, and more black!
11 Things About These Boots:
  1. Grey
    • I love grey!
    • They are also a very pretty shade of grey if my monitor is to be believed…we have no Nordstrom.
  2. They go with dresses.  I’m willing to bet on dresses of varying lengths at that.
  3. They go with jeggings and leggings.
    • In addition to my youthful visage, Infant is taller than I am – so I really try to create a divide with my style.
    • If Infant and I are in jeggings/leggings, I step mine up with footwear and accessories.
  4. They go with skirts.  I really think they will make minis more modest.
  5. They can also be worn under slacks since they fit the leg so well.
  6. OTK may seem trendy [this concerned me initially] – but – I’ve wanted these boots for 2 years at least.  I also have several others and I prefer OTK to just K…OK 🙂
    • When I get this way about something…I think I need to consider it more carefully to be sure – like really sure.  I was the same way about the Harrow boots.  Years.
    • It’s cheaper in the end to get what you want initially so you buy less stop-gap items that still leave you wanting!
  7. 23.5″ shaft.  I am over tired of boot makers thinking 17-18″ is OTK…it is only at the top of my knee [NOT over] when my legs aren’t bent.
    • It rather irks me when people assume short stature means short appendages.
    • Hugely irks me.  Proportions aren’t limited by height.  😐
    • This might be better for taller gals.
  8. Versatile – casual and dressier…PTA events…school events…church…sister dates…dinner dates…outings where dressing well matters [sports events don’t require quite this scale!].
  9. Doable heel -> <3″.
  10. Sleek.  I love shoes but honestly, I gravitate toward clean lines and modern classics over statement shoes.  I like statement shoes but I never get the bang for my buck.  Perhaps on a super huge sale.  I like these and these – but again, I wouldn’t get the same wear as the grey.  Statement necklaces are a cheaper option for bold IMO.
  11. Marks the end -> if they are awesome and I keep them -> of Fall Shopping.  I literally need nothing…and really need to scale back to ‘not shopping’ as I had planned.

I got the following tips from a Nordstrom video [scroll to the bottom]:

  • Tonal layers keep things sophisticated -> suede perfects a polished look.
  • Update skinnies by covering most of them up and pairing with a favorite top.
  • Wow factor -> mini skirt that flashes just enough leg [for me a slip] with a simple top that lets the boots do the talking.

None were new ideas, but verification can be nice.

Note to self -> you are so DONE shopping.


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