Closet Confidence #26

pst - 26
10 Things – details here.

I’m grateful for how I’m put together most of the time.  However, flab keeps me humble
😐 😐

I’ve been thin [0-2] and thick [hate the word but 8-10]…and now I’m in the middle [mostly 6].  Regardless of girth and corpulence, I tend to look the same – the only tell is the roundness of my face.

I tend not to belabor what I like about myself – seems churlish and tacky, but I thank God for that which I like and try to understand that which I don’t.

Directly from God

  • Face shape
  • Eye shape
  • Eye color
  • Silhouette
  • Hands like my Pa
  • Mostly proportional
  • Lip shape
  • High waist

From God via my obedience to being a good steward of my person

  • Muscle
  • Curves – think this is from Ma

I think each person has something beautiful about them.  I try to see the beauty in what God created instead of judging pretty vs. ugly.  That kind of judging is ugly and small-minded.

Even more so, it is insulting of the Creator and it disrespects a fellow image bearer.  I’d be a liar if I acted like anything other than a work-in-progress 🙂  But mindfulness is key.


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