Closet Confidence #24

pst - 24
-> here <-

My most worn items go with all my other items – simple, but  modern classics that are versatile in neutral colors and cozy textures…as much as I am able.  This means:

  1. no itchy materials -> of late, natural materials of good quality
  2. no weird cuts/designs/prints/colors
  3. no ill-fitting items -> cut on others != to cute mon me [!= is not equal to in programmerese]
  4. no strong-smelling dyes
  5. only modern twists on classic designs

Excess is fine for the 20s I suppose [can’t fix the past; can only go forward rightly] – but the 30s has far too many other things to do than mine out the perfect outfit every single day.

Give me what works!

Note to self -> Each shopping decision should be soberly made!  Does it go with the theme of my life and closet?  Curate as per my Closet Policy [which I need to refine].  🙂



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