Why So Serious?!

be-meDifficulties in life ebb and flow.  The only constant in life is change…and change is challenging at best and outright hard at worst.

Since life is always changing and I must adapt or fall behind, I’ve found the following helpful in my journey – and think it prudent to reflect and remind myself:


  • Bible study- can’t live out what you don’t know.  How can I cling to promises intended to give my comfort or live out precepts if I don’t study to know it for myself?  I can’t…not studying leads to some pretty epic failures…
  • Church attendance – Hebrews 10.25.
  • Non-fiction books for insight – God gives people ideas that can help…IMO at least.
    • Note to self -> always buy Kindle version!
  • Fiction books for enjoyment and sometimes insight.
    • Amish Millionaire Series
    • Anything by Phillip Gulley
    • Colleen Coble
    • Steam Punk is fun and clever
    • Fantastical Characters -> exciting to just read about seriously fictitious characters [Harry Potter books, Shadowhunter books, Kami Garcia’s books, etc.]
  • Focus on the process and not the outcome – watched pots don’t boil!!!!!
  • Grateful heart is a happy heart – previously Infant and I had a Gratitude Board…
    • Note to self -> I think we need to revisit that!
  • Find what is good in each situation – something else I need to get back into the habit of doing.  -> AKA be content!


  • Planning…with a planner…in detail…consistently.  I need paper and pen…and not an ugly planner either!  I got this beauty some weeks ago and I’m glad I didn’t wait – the price more than doubled!  I love Thomas Kinkade 🙂
    • To Do -> pre-plan outfits and include in the planner if space!
    • If something can be front-loaded, plan to do it ASAP.
  • J-O-Y -> Consider  Jesus, Others, and then consider yourself…
    • For those challenging turd-like people -> give a thought to what may contribute to that behavior.
    • Actually listen and follow-up with people on what they tell you.  There is joy in caring about what others have going on.
    • Laugh and enjoy life…find the fun…
  • Family first.
  • Compliment people – kindness has impact.
  • Progress NOT perfection.  I tend toward perfectionism – and liking to get things done…QUICKLY…and that just isn’t reasonable sometimes!
  • At least weekly, work toward re-organizing things that have been carelessly placed throughout the week.
  • Practice the pause…before a purchases…before a witty retort…before getting that unhealthy snack…etc.  Delay that gratification!
  • Find foods you like and make gentle/small/incremental changes slowly…build on those and before you know it -> transformed life and eating habits!


  • Outfit planning before purchases -> new but incredibly useful in weeding things out.
  • Closely related to the above -> purchase only that which feels good…if shoes pinch or heels are too high, that won’t change with wear!  If you feel fat in it at the store, you likely will at home -> wasted money…wasted money leads to the dark side 🙂 as in no money for what you really want!
  • Price != Quality – buyer beware!
  • Save by payroll deduction/allocation – if you wait to do it, it gets increasingly less likely that you will…been there done that!


  • Just because they make it in your size doesn’t mean it’s for you…wear what flatters, you’ll always look your best.
  • Have go-to outfits
  • Consider weather and mood when picking shoes:
    • Wet feet suck
    • Cold feet suck
    • Walking on hurting feet for long periods sucks too
    • Hobbling when in a bad mood – also sucks
    • ETC!
  • Wear the size you are [cut out the tag if needed] AND not the one you were or wish you were…clothes that dig only make you feel fat/fatter
  • Don’t covet

Trials, Trial & Error, and Hard Lessons are great teachers!  Since forgetting happens…I hope this will be a place I can come if I lose my way 🙂


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