Fall Staples – Take 1

Instead of those 4 fall wishes – I just wish for the Thighland :o) presently

In an attempt to further reduce shopping…I am thinking through how the following will interact as pertains to my clothes:

  1. weather
  2. mood
  3. events [bible studies, PTSA meetings, outings with the girls, baby showers, etc.]
    1. event length
    2. time spent standing
    3. appropriateness requirements
  4. maximizing use of what I have
  5. realization of fitness/body goals
  6. current comfort requirements [kind of dictated my mood and energy]

When I  look at what I have the following occur, in any order, and also in rapid succession:

  • gratitude for the Lord allowing me such bounty in my closet
  • conviction over the excess
  • urge to find things to donate
  • ideas for what would complete an outfit that I lack

Fall is my favorite -> layers, boots, jewel-tone colors, AND PLAID!  I love the crisper air and the apple and pumpkin treats [not mixed though…that could be interesting].  It was chilly this AM…I like chilly sometimes.  Via God’s providence, I’ve accumulated things I can sort into capsules fairly neatly.  Capsules make for quick outfits…as the schedule fills, quick outfits are indispensable.  I admire the ladies who spend lots of time creating these perfect looks – but I’d rather read, watch TV or anything else!  I find the following integral to being able to dress well [or at least acceptably] on a moment’s notice [because I’m not getting up extra early to make it happen 😐 ]:

  1. Great bags
  2. Great boots in fall [need to re-think summer and spring which is odd as I used to excel there and not the fall!]
  3. Jeggings & leggings
  4. Tops that flatter my shape [I don’t think peplum does 😐 ]
  5. Scarves [though I need practice using them artfully – other ladies seem to do it artfully 🙂 ]


Below 60 Outfit Ideas [chilly to cold – jackets/coats are assumed]:

  1. cream cropped sweater, lighter mid rise jeans, tan harrow booties…possible tan/red/etc blanket scarf
  2. navy thermal l/s tee, jeggings, Hunter boots, blue blanket scarf
  3. Tahari peplum blouse, grey HUE leggings, Noble OTK boot, huge statement
  4. grey l/s express dress, black tights, black ghillie flats, statement scarf
  5. black v-neck sweater, light jeggings, Heath boots, black ON puffer vest and black/grey striped scarf

60 & Above Outfit Ideas warm to pre-chilly]:

  1. plaid button up, jeggings, black ghillie flats
  2. grey l/s ON tee, black semi-mini skirt, black ghillie flats, statement scarf
  3. leopard portifino, black jeggings, black harrow, long black beads
  4. cream blouse, CM studded vegan leather shorts, black harrow, gold and pearl necklace
  5. grey l/s express dress, blush ghillie flats, pink/grey BR scarf

Plan your work and work your plan.  There is something about typing things out that make it easier to reach for them when needed. 🙂

General ideas:

  • stripes and booties
  • skirts and booties
  • jeggings/leggings and OTK boots
  • dresses and black harrows

I’m a person that needs to think through the details lest I rush and miss something. Hopefully in some time when I re-read this I will see discernible growth and donations!

Also, out of site is out of mind, I like to see my items as much as possible so I don’t forget to use them!

Note to self -> get serious about donating things that don’t fit my style or take TOO much effort to make them work.  Since I feel like I am drowning in clothes, I feel that the Lord is leading me to share/donate a bit more than I have of late.  Things to donate:

  • Some Poshmark listings
  • Some curling irons [the wand has rendered them useless!]
  • Some socks
  • Some lounge wear
  • At least one coat [and maybe another from Infant]

Some thing(s) to possibly sell:

  • Pink Kate Spade
  • Nude CK
  • Boots?

I really need to do some soul-searching and admit to myself it is perhaps a sin to keep so much…and pray for the courage to let go of things God already knows I won’t wear.  😐  Faith not fear…because I always worry:

  • I’ll need it later
  • I’ll have to buy another and waste money because I really do need it [related to the above]
  • Poverty will strike and it’ll be all I have

I CONSTANTLY have to remind myself of Psalm 23.1 – The Lord is my shepherd…and if he is omniscient, omnipresent, and omnipotent:

  • He’s already in the future so He knows those needs
  • He knows everything, so He knows my current needs and how to counsel me so I act wisely
  • He can and will sovereignly provide for all my needs without my intervention

So if I give something away that I need later – He will provide for that need at that time in His own way by His own means.  He’s never left me wanting – even in near poverty.  I just need to live in light of what I know/believe.  If He doesn’t provide, rather than whine & moan about it, I need to ask Him to help me find another solution.  Simple but not simple 🙂  Moment by moment.  I’ve struggled with this before…He helped and I got rid of all kinds of stuff and haven’t missed it…[not sure if shopping lessened the blow 😐 ]…

Coming soon -> another great purge!



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