Closet Confidence #21

pst - 21
The challenge – here .

A wearable version of an outfit on pinterest – but I just randomly chose Scarlett O’Hara instead 🙂

I love this movie though it is set at an ugly time in history.  Scarlett is a fave…she and Rhett are goals?  Maybe not.  But she was a belle who struggled through hardship.  I can related to that – spoiled and pampered until hardships happen.  Truly.  Sink or swim -> always swim.

You love her or you fully hate her and that is the cost of being bold and unfiltered.

Determined vs. Obstinate

Charming vs. Manipulative

Dramatic vs. Histrionic

Goal-oriented [or progressive] vs. Ungrateful

Blessed vs. Spoiled

Forthright vs. Mean

Rookie vs. Immature

At any rate – I love red – and what looks like a Christmas costume for Mrs. Claus 🙂

As that won’t work [too long, likely too hot, would slow me down and collect dust at the hem…], I choose cold shouldered frocks…one short – really doable…one long – may be a bit excessive for daily wear and church 🙂  But for a special night out with himself at a gala…maybe 🙂

I have a few red dresses but I’d like these too 🙂



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