11 Likely or Unlikely Things

#5 – what I can do and what I could do if I had a couple more things 😉

In an effort to reflect more – I hope to recount, weekly, 11 things of note, if only of note to me 🙂

  1. Great bible study at YouVersion.  [Hope the link works 🙂 ]
  2. No shopping outside Poshmark [doesn’t count because I spent my balance and not new money!  More like a trade!].  Prayed…still praying…but I’m pleased.  I even found something to return (hideous CK moto).
  3. An unguarded strength is a double weakness…Satan can get you anywhere – roaming lion remember?
  4. Safe People by Townsend and Cloud so far is a GREAT book…illuminates the reason for some of the errors in judging people.
    1. Unsafe people tend to fall into 3 categories -> Abandoners, Critics, Irresponsibles.
    2. Sorry is as sorry does.  Talk is CHEAP. [needed to be reiterated].
  5. The little foxes (Song of Solomon 2:15) ruin the vineyard…aka -> watch out for compromise that seems small but will lead to greater.  Sin doesn’t want to be your pet – it wants to own you.
  6. I really want the Thighland in Slate…and after discussions with my accountability partner, I will go for it in the near future!  To  me, this is a forever item in the right shade, and the right quality -> birthday, Christmas, met goals, etc.  I also think it will help me weigh possible purchases until I buy it-> do I want this as much as the Thighland…so far, a lot of NOs.
  7. Powder keeps my feet from sticking to my shoes (Harrow’s don’t work well with socks yet – need more breaking in around the instep)…who knew?!  LOL
  8. Home to Harmony [another book] is uplifting with lots of wise nuggets so far!
  9. Weave closures are not my favorite…easier but annoying to bother with…
  10. Dry shampoo for brunettes is kind of gross when sprayed into the hand [recommended by a stylist!]…it looks like asphalt powder.
  11. I think the Lord is testing me in how I respond to people I find annoying.  I’m surrounded by too many for it to be coincidence.  Apparently it’s a test I’ve failed a few times according to my girl J.  😐  Braggarts, Moaners, the Needy, BrowBeaters, Naggers, etc.  GAG. -> -> -> I really need to come up with some canned responses and practice my face in the mirror.  Adults that don’t ‘adult’ well…always a challenge.  Or a really good blank stare that is devoid of the contempt I tend to feel towards silliness.



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