After my latest fail (beautiful on the website saddle colored leather moto jacket…HIDEOUS in person…garish gold metal, horrendous fit -> tight arms, narrow shoulders, and antiquated shoulder padding – THE MOST EPIC FAIL), I need to evaluate my topper collection.  I really don’t need anything and could likely do with down-sizing some.



Toppers finish an outfit and provide warmth…who doesn’t need polish and warmth?

Fit concerns (as of today, I hope to whittle down a bit) – trifecta of fit concerns (one alone wouldn’t affect fit so much, but 2 – 3…horrible odds of finding a great jacket):

  1. BROAD shoulders (10+ inches smaller than my waist)
  2. Bigger than average biceps
  3. Chest measurements

I have too many toppers.  And I also have an affinity for purchasing more.  I need to put some structure in my life regarding toppers!  Moreover, I need to admit to myself, that usually mediocrity is what I find in terms of fit.  In order of frequency of use:

Jackets -> fave is the moto, closely followed by the denim – brands that work:

Rain – Calvin Klein but the goal is a London Fog with removable lining!

Moto – Express, Banana

Denim – NYCO, Banana

Leather/Vegan – CK, Express

ETC – Banana, DKNY

Cardigans – easier because they stretch and don’t add bulk

J. Crew/all, NYCO, Banana Republic, Style & Co

Boleros (many of mine aren’t all that different save for the lack of buttons)

CK, Ann Taylor, Random from Juniors


CK, Steve Madden, Kohl’s [sweater like], Mural from Nordstrom [blazer looking], Larry Levine

Maybe a white blazer cape for summer and spring?  Not a high priority…

Ruanas & Kimonos

Cracker Barrel, Dillard’s, Express, NYCO

Never enough plaid – cue Cracker Barrel for 20$ ruanas!



Faux Fur – Sam Edelman

Wool -Via Spiga, Preston Scott, DKNY, J.Crew [not in love]

Down/Alternative – CK, London Fog, Rainforest

A cropped leopard faux would be nice.


Talbots, NYCO, Kasper, Tahari/all

I don’t love blazers on me anyway!


Random from Juniors, Lauren Conrad, Express, NYCO, Talbots

They are okay…but I never make them work as well in practice as I do on Pinterest 😐

Summation -> use what I have and purchase nothing new!  NOT SHOPPING…not even for the most wanted leather moto jacket.

Note to self -> two things that can curb shopping:

  1. Focusing on what I have [above – scrolling up, I really see how silly it is to keep searching for this unicorn-coat! Thank you Lord for what I have, please forgive me for being excessive without warrant.]
  2. Focusing on what I can do for others
  3. Actually doing other things instead [events, reading, etc.]

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