A Poison Tree

A Poison Tree, William Blake
a fave
It’s fun watching The Originals with Infant. 🙂

I love the way Niklaus and Elijah speak – crisp and clean with a darling accent.  I like how they balance each other also.  Nik the cold strategist and Elijah with his morals and sense of familial duty.  I don’t recall the episode name but I always love to hear Nik read the William Blake poem – A Poison Tree. 

Certain salient points always stick out to me:

  1. Not confronting an issue causes anger to grow (malice, bitterness, etc.).  Why is it so easy to let some things slide? Trying to be nice – not always ideal.  Speaking the truth in love is important. 
  2. Don’t covet (the friend should have left his enemy’s fruit alone!).  Not all poisonous things are obvious.  Just because it looks good doesn’t mean it is good for you.  Also, sometimes things are a pretty trap – intended to harm or ensnare. 
  3. Ill gotten gains never last.  The truth will always find you out…consequences always come due.  Loads of clichés for this one. 

But how is wrath watered?  Perhaps by turning it over and over and over mentally. Or discussing it repeatedly (not the same as seeking counsel!) with anyone other than the offending party. Likely lots more ways to water wrath.  

Note to self -> tell the wrath (truthfully focusing on facts) in love and in a timely manner. Opinions can likely be kept to oneself.  Don’t let it grow. 


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