Closet Confidence #13

pst - 12
Challenge found here.

If I had perfect confidence I would tastefully wear what I wanted without concern for a less than perfect figure.  I would, for example, not concern myself with:

  • Does this make me look fat?
  • Do I look lumpy?
  • Are my hips asymmetrical?
  • Do I look short and dumpy in this?
  • Is this too much for my age/job/life/etc?
  • Is my cellulite showing?
  • What happens after I eat?
  • Is Back Fat Betty showing?
  • What about Tina the Talking Tummy? [hate the word tummy but White Chicks was hilarious – TV version far less vulgar – well just less vulgar!]

I like my shape and focusing on performance keeps me from nitpicking and getting lost in my finer feelings pertaining to imperfections!  However, it is in my high strung type A nature to be a goal oriented problem solver.  Shapewear helps with that – but I recall the days of thankless thinness.  I was thin and didn’t thank God for it – rather I was an arrogant twit. 😦

Now that I must work at it (humbling)…I’m mindful.  Lesson learned lol…

Note to self -> whatever I am that is good, ideal, etc. is by God’s grace!



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