SMC – Fall Prep

I am looking forward to fall…perhaps not the morning darkness but the brisk air and tasty treats…and plaid, leather, boots, & layers!  I  have outfits I am excited to try…for some reason boots and jeggings are easier than jeggings and sandals/superstars…it’s just too hot for pants!

If I plan ahead, getting ready will be that much more expedient.  Expedience is key in a busy life.  This that help with expedience [I like that word today 🙂 ]:

  1. Planning
  2. Knowing what works and why
    1. What -> what to reach for
    2. Why -> determine viability of alternative courses
  3. Checking the weather
  4. Considering the physical extent of what I’ll be doing
    1. Sports Mama = need comfortable shoes
    2. Church = frippery is a good idea if I sit mostly
    3. Mall Mama = comfort (!)
    4. School Mama = cute comfort [some discomfort is allowed]
    5. Etc. Etc. Etc. [as per the King & I]
  5. How fat I’m feeling -> stretch!
  6. Sore muscles -> soft items that are easy to wear
  7. Allergy or Asthma Muddling -> not likely in the mood for anything but comfort
One versatile dress

I’ve yet to wear the dress I have more than once…I ebb and flow with regard to corpulence and general lumpiness [not low self-esteem but no misgivings about my mediocre at best dietary predilections].  BUT…I’m determined to lean out a bit more though curves will still abound 😐 …OTK boots, black superstars [need!], Harrow [in love but need to put moleskin on the instep because the stitch rubs unpleasantly], and black all-stars [mine have white soles – maybe Infant will let me wear her black ones lol yeah right].

Mostly items I want…but I may have similar to leverage.

I would benefit from, but I won’t buy…yet, the cross tank, straight hem fitted dress, and Berets/tams….OH and Kate Spade kitty accessories!  BUT – I’ve got similar items…I used to be good at using what I had vice buying…find the similar thing and sate the sartorial desire…guess shopping is a lazy way to a good outfit that doesn’t encourage creativity or ingenuity… <- that’s me learned.

A dagger necklace!  On my list!

That D&G purse…but I have structured bags…I just have to muster up the courage to wear the dress 😐  It takes NO bravery to place an order – but to strut in bodycon or even semi-bodycon… 😐

Faux Fall Capsule

What can I do with what I have…and what would I do if I had a plaid skirt or a leather mini skirt…and a cute bomber!  Needless to say – there is always something to want.  But my aim is to see what I can do with what I have…so

  • No bomber -> but I have plenty of motos and cardis
  • Sleeveless trench is black
  • No leather skirt -> but I have other black skirts
  • No floral skirt -> but…maybe I don’t need one – how often do I wear skirts anyway?
  • No burgundy cardi -> but I have TONS of neutrals and other colors

Be grateful Red!

Belted Button-up & Boots/Booties – CHECK

Maybe a Sports Mama outfit!  Works for anything I’d do on a normal basis.

Cropped Sweater, Jeggings, Harrow & Scarves – CHECK

I just need to workout how to make jeans hug at the waist too…and dispense with the gut 😐 mid-rise and high-rise are only forgiving of so much 🙂

Extensions are like hair makeup!

That extra half an inch makes the difference…great accessories and great extensions.  I’m not huge on much makeup – eyes and lips mostly…I like the above – the Express Barcelona camis are a great sub for the much more expensive Tibi ones…and due to sales, I have a fair few…that I need to put to use.

Where will I wear it?

I got this [G. Lopez voice]!  SMC – what, what?!

Emotion says, I gotta have it and I can’t live without it one more second…logic says:

  • I flat-out don’t need it – I have something similar.
    • D&G bag [exact] -> KS bow bag
    • Leopard cross tank -> tons of Barcelona camis
    • Leather skirt -> black skirts galore
  • I have something similar but it must be replaced.  Does it have to be now?  If yes, what is the best replacement with a balance between quality and cost?
    • NADA
    • Time to use cleverness
  • This is really something I will regret not buying.
    • Dagger necklace!  Must have!

I just need some chilly weather to try all these ideas – lest I forget!

*****I wonder what the fall basics are for other ladies?????*****



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