MacKayla Layne


I was looking for books to read…and an associate recommended Karen Moning.  If I had known some of the content, I may not have…but I’ve always been one to want to know how things end.  🙂  So I skim quickly past the suspect and on into the story lines…which are good.

Outside the aforementioned content, I like Mac [and Barrons too but that is another story]…she goes from shallow to fierce by trial.  I think this type of heroine always appeals to me as it mirrors some of my own life.  I also label versions of myself 🙂 and have improved greatly by trial…new depth, new thoughts, new priorities, etc.

Mac evolved from Rainbow Girl [what Barrons -*swoon* – called her] to something darker.  I went from TBD (will come up with a moniker later lol) to a wiser and stronger person (TBD again!).

Evolution of Beauty & Strength

Me 1.0


Just beauty…what do I do?  I’m bored – let’s party.

😐 Thank God He kept working on me!

Me 2.0

“Post-Infant to Pre-Battle”

Fading beauty and strength.  Can I?

Me 2.5


Fierce beauty and fiercer strength.  I think I can, and I am!  Why am I surprised?!

Making some choices is hard…but once their made, it is all downhill from there.

Bye bully!  All things are new!

Me 3.0


My favorite 🙂

Fiercely strong and beautiful.  I know I can because I have.  He kept me.

There is nothing like self-reflection to evaluate progress and choices…how did I arrive at this point – what choices contributed – what external factors contributed – and so on…I try to reflect often and it is prompted by both expected and random things – like sermons, interaction, reading [Scripture first, but just general thoughts on other books be they fiction or non], or watching.  I’m not the deep type, but I don’t like being foolish – reflections helps me avoid repeating foolery!

Post-Battle, I’m stronger and more beautiful -> on the inside!  While I wonder why I didn’t arrive here sooner, I thank God for His goodness during the process.  He gave me a supportive family [once I lost my pride and filled them in lol], friends that became family, great churches filled with loving people, 20$ and 100$ tips from kind customers [no doubt touched by God], great jobs, and much more.

I’ve seen Him work, and I know He will…why do I still worry sometimes 😐 I should know better!  He helped me become a woman I can be proud of.  I’ve a ways to go, but I’m thankful for my progression.

I’m also more at peace with how my life has turned out.  Hope strengthens, fear kills.


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