The Moto

If it fits…

Great price and a donation to a charity – thank you Macy’s!  I love my black vegan (Minus the) Leather from Express it seemed a waste to get a black leather one…horribly redundant!

Saddle or cognac or tan colored…simple but not boring.

As always, checked with my best gal and she approved…great deal on a brand known to fit…and leather breaks in…it was between this and a darker more reddish-brown (they may have called it Nutmeg).

How shall I wear it?  I think, the following already possessed items will do:

  • all black (tee, jeggings, Harrow)
  • all grey (?)
  • over a black dress with black shoes/boots
  • black tee  and jeggings with saddle colored OTK boots
  • white tee, dark jeggings and saddle colored OTK boots
  • dark jeggings, navy/white striped tee, saddle OTK boots
  • black hi-lo dress and all-stars
  • black jeggings and black baroque lace top
  • light jeggings and blush Banana l/s tee
  • goldenrod Sabrina dress
  • goldenrod lace NYCO dress
  • black Sabrina dress
  • black sheath, black tights, black booties/boots/heels
  • black RL jumpsuit
  • navy sequin skirt with white tee and superstars
  • dark jeggings, white button-up

Lord willing this fits, this is another big thing off my list.   And in good timing, as cold weather will be upon us soon.

I also think the following color combinations may suit to be paired with the jacket:

  • black and white/ivory
  • monochrome grey
  • navy and white/ivory
  • denim on denim
  • grey and white/ivory
  • blush and ivory
  • cobalt?
  • hunter?
  • red?
  • wine colored things?
  • goldenrod
  • nude


  • leopard
  • plaid
  • gingham
  • lace
  • suede?
  • hounds-tooth
  • polka dots
  • stripes

I think it will be a great building block, but only time will tell 🙂  I think as long as I can implement my formula, I’ll be good and always flock toward things that fit in it:

  • top or dress
    • Portifino
    • Bacelona
    • Tees
    • Knits
  • bottom [possible tights with a dress]
    • Jeggings
    • Skirts
  • statement
    • Necklace
    • Scarf
    • Earrings
  • topper
    • Moto
    • Cardi
    • Blazer – rarely as too many have stupid shoulder pads
    • Vest or Sleeveless Trench

Note to self -> actually put the outfits onto your body and scratch out those that won’t work!  Playing dress-up may not end BUT it can be awfully laborious.  😐

9.5.16 — sucks eggs -> didn’t fit. Likely best for a flat chested pear with slim arms. Seriously – shoulder padding in 2016?! 😡. RETURN!


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