Kalinda Sharma


Kalinda was my favorite character on The Good Wife.  I think it was her evenness and complete facial control – masking sentiment.  Little but fierce (the bat and careful laying of traps to remove enemies from the situation).

As for her style – fitted office wear basics and great boots.

  • Confidence.
  • Believable comfort.
  • Clothes that may as well have been armor.
  • No purse [I could not lol] -> phone and notebook.

Alicia usually looked nice, but her heels were too much to even hint at comfort for me – and I’m no fan of suits (I will call it Baptist Rebellion as many of the ladies at church can’t get enough of them – the more ostentatious the better 😐 ).

I liked Dianne’s clothing too – but it doesn’t fit easily into my life and it is too pristine…I could don Alicia and Dianne garb only for church – and that is just too much like right 🙂  Maybe when I am 60?  70-80 for sure.

I can see myself in what Kalinda wears.  I have little/no use for suits or high heels.  I can see it in bleachers, in a school gym, at a PTSA meeting, even church with a slightly longer hemlines, out with the girls or on a date…

What do I already have?

  • Moto jackets/vest
  • Boots
  • Tights
  • Minis and semi-minis
  • Blouses
  • Belts

So why not have a Kalinda Sharma outfit day?!  Which pieces???  Boots are easy.  Brings me back to needing the perfect black skirt!  Until then, maybe:

  • Black Express studded moto
  • Black Express peplum cami
  • Black waist belt
  • Navy Alfani skirt
  • Black tights
  • Black boots – with buckles [the noisier pair, I like the jingling]

I found good article here also.  It put a rather fine point on how K uses her clothes to distract.  I tend to choose for expression but distraction is a good idea too!

Note to self -> think of a look with the worn-once moto vest!



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