Character: Harleen Qunizel, M.D. – aka – Harley Quinn

Black and red…and most recently, red, white and blue.  I like the red and black better 🙂

Her Daddy’s Little Monster graphic tee was cute -> ‘little monster’ I like that.  Monster seems to indicate fierceness.  We can fiercely love, fiercely defend, fiercely pursue, etc.

I’d amend it to Daddy’s Beautiful Monster in my case…I’m not little or cute anymore.  [short person thing 🙂 ]

Trials are good for one thing -> strength.  Beautiful strength such that you find yourself and appreciate [may hap even like!] what you find.

Also enabled by my Daddy for my rather high hand and semi-demanding nature 🙂  that I am quite upfront in disclosing so none can say I’m a bait and switch!

Mama gives tips too – high handedness (by which I mean taking no mess in any sense) is handed down in our family – from mother to daughter.  I’m teaching Infant now 🙂  Little lessons that stick regarding expectations, not dimming intelligence, being honest about what you want and pursuing it, etc.

Harley is interesting & likable in an odd way…

  • Falls in love with a bad joker…who hasn’t at least once?
  • Affinity for red and black…bold!
  • Ride or die friends that give super powers (Ivy – though she isn’t morally reputable)…friends are the family we choose for ourselves!
  • Hilarious and a tad dingy…the two together create a fun sort of charm.
  • Smart…being smart is good, but, it really needs to be guided by good character 🙂


No one person is all good or all bad.  But for the grace of God, anyone could be nuts too.

Note to self -> best to remember that.


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