Happiness is Twinning


Nothing warms my heart more than Infant inviting me to twin with her!  Apparently, I am that mom…not like regular moms, like a cool mom [j/k – lol – Mean Girls quote).  I’m her mother and don’t seek the ‘let’s be friends’ path as I think my authority matters in steering her when she may not want to be steered!  Despite this, we are very close.

Despite being my twin in appearance, she is taller…so I think of her as Maxi-Me…when people call her a Mini-Me she gets perturbed (all in her feelings and in a tizzy) as she is taller [I still have more girth so they aren’t wrong!]…

We don’t do totally matchy-matchy – but more on the order of purposely choosing very similar pieces from our own closets!

We both wear:

Stylish sneaks

Express jeggings

Stunner shades

Cute tees/knits

She chose AF1s to my Superstars…obviously mine are better 🙂  J/K

I don’t see Infant requesting this frequently, but I’ll take what I can get!  We also do challenges – each sets a theme/idea for the other in terms of a Sunday Outfit…usually something outside the norm for the other.  The last was:

Her -> accessorize one of my dresses uniquely

Mine -> wear an item, as a part of the outfit, that has 4+ colors in it [I tend toward simpler things but occasionally purchase a loud thing and may not wear it]

It’s fun – and it helps both of us more creatively use our closet contents!


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