My Reading List

There are a few blogs I hit each week – some closely align with my own style and others I just find fascinating.  With the Nordstrom sale, I decided to see what many of them had to say on the subject…I am happy I did!  It was also interesting to see which said absolutely nothing about the sale at all…

The nerd in me finds this fascinating – new ways to market/advertise.  Each blogger will cater to their particular crowd – some with great detail, others with just a list of picks…yielding focused marketing that happens almost organically.  Like show and tell with your besties after a shopping trip!

I wonder if given any freebies (if there are any and I am guess there are) what the ROI is on using bloggers to market…is it more successful on high dollar items or low dollar items…hope someone does a case study!

Style Faves

  • Brooklyn Blonde
  • Extra Petite
  • Stylish Petite
  • Southern Curls & Pearls
  • Hello Fashion’The Simply Luxurious Life
  • For All Things Lovely
  • Sincerely Jules
  • Atlanta-Pacific
  • Wendy’s Lookbook
  • City Tonic
  • Crystalin Marie

General Faves

  • Cupcakes and Cashmere
  • Alterations Needed
  • Southern Drawl
  • Putting Me Together
  • Spoonful of Style
  • Seersucker + Saddles
  • Walk in Wonderland
  • Into Mind

I’m sure I’ve forgotten some…I enjoy finding new blogs to love!  It amazes me how much some people are happy to share – with or without sponsors!


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