Best for Basics


What do I like about my current closet’s contents?

  • I like that I have the basics for outfits ranging from passable to perfect (accessories & hair tend to make a big difference).
  • I like not needing things and having a bunch of closet gaps.
  • I like being able to dress quickly and comfortably without sacrificing style.
  • I like having dependable items – as opposed to one wear low quality things that need to be replaced frequently.

I am open to any store that will meet my value-cost requirements and so far I’ve been pleased by J. Crew…via sales and thrifting mostly!  But knowing how well the things hold up, I may be more willing to spend a bit more.  I’m tired of mediocre fit and even worse quality – from seemingly reputable stores.

I love the:

  • Tees
  • Skirts
  • Necklaces
  • Swimwear [when I’m less corpulent]
  • Knits
  • Cardigans
  • Button-up shirts

I have a dress – but – I likely won’t buy many more – hard to compete with Calvin Klein’s fit.

To Try, Maybe 🙂 -> The shoes are tempting…I love a pointed toe.  [I need nothing 😐 ]  The outerwear is beautiful too.  [I also need no outerwear 😐 ]

Perhaps black Friday if there are closet-holes?

Notes to self -> user your head!  When closet-holes happen, remember what served me best!

Logic and reason to cull the shopping list.

Prayer when I fall in love with a pretty bauble/garment!  I fall hard too… 🙂

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