Claire Underwood

Church, work and meetings!

House of Cards is interesting.  I wonder how much it imitates life.  I like Claire’s clothes and the witty comments.

The best was when Claire said to Frank and his team (of spinners for want of a better word) – So apologize, it’s just pride – with an almost quizzical look on her face.  Like DUH.  It is just pride that prevents making amends, getting along, and keeping the peace.  Pride always precedes destruction (here).

I also like that she tends to control her expressions and be very circumspect in her speech.  Would that I could!

I love the neutrals and the clean lines of her clothes.  The sheaths are my favorites!  She always looks feminine but strong.

Her look is doable and can be mixed into any adult wardrobe:

  • Sheaths
  • Blouses and skirts
  • Pretty pointy heels
  • Simple hair and makeup

While I don’t wish to be immoral as they can be on the show, I would like an implacable air -> to stay composed and guard my speech [for godly reasons vice posturing/etc. ones] -> a worthy goal.

Note to self -> a blank face and careful speech 🙂


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