Closet Confidence #30

J’adore Express!  Especially when a great item is on CLEARANCE.

Challenge is found here.  🙂

#30 – Buy a piece that’s bold for you and pair it with basics for now.

Modification for not shopping = using a piece I bought circa 2013 – 2015.

I was drawn to the studs and sleek cut.  At the time it was very un-me — studs on fake leather, what?!  Ironically, it turned out to be very me.  It isn’t leather, but I can’t even bring myself to upgrade to a black leather moto/biker jacket because I love this one so much [ blush or grey will do lol 🙂 ].

I think this piece introduced me to a new layer of myself – a piece that I think emerged in a great battle. 🙂  Feminine but with some rugged edge.   I’m not the delicate flower, I just play one sometimes!  The great battle showed me that I am strong, capable, structured, forward thinking, and independent.  I’d nearly forgotten.

I thrive on variety and now that I can, I try to consider new things frequently.

While I have been reeling in the shopping, I am still pleased with this purchase.  It is odd that great deals satisfy more and for longer…I’ve never been this pleased with any so called splurge!

I’ve paired this with:

  • classic dresses
    • sheaths
    • shifts
    • a-line
  • less classic dresses
    • trapeze
    • hi-lo
    • body-con [need to lose some fat to really hit my stride here lol]
  • jeggings and tees, knits or button-ups
  • flats
    • Ghillie/black
    • White Mountain buckle flat
  • boots
    • Heath harness
    • Frye OTK
    • Born buckle boots
    • Arturo Chiang buckle boots
    • CL OTK boots
    • Nine West OTK boots [flat and heeled]
    • Hunter rain boot
    • Future -> Black Harrow booties
  • sneaks
    • black dainty all-stars
    • all white superstars

What makes me the happiest about it:

  1. I know this deal was from God – no coincidence
    1. He cares for me and about my concerns (great and small) – He knows I feel {and likely act it also} my  best when I like what I am wearing and didn’t spend a mint on it.
    2. Showed me a new way of dressing that is tasteful and modest without being utterly boring [prim and prissy is fine sometimes, but not all the time!]
    3. Got me ready for new roles/ways in life -> Sports Mama Life is a happy life!  Being a mama seems to necessitate easy to wear mix and match clothes!
    4. Showed me how much better it is to have the right pieces vice a lot of pieces.
  2. Flattering and fits well despite my shoulders
  3. Fantastic go-to item for semi-chilly days
  4. SO versatile – dresses or jeans
  5. Low maintenance – won’t be damaged by rain or much else [I do avoid scissors lol]

While I appreciate a compliment, I take them with a grain of salt as others tend to see/process through lenses colored by their experience (or at worst with a motive)…but with that said, I always get them when I wear it.  In a way, I think God knows that feedback lets me know I’ve not gone too far when testing a new idea 🙂

Note to self -> look for His hand in more.  It is there.  I just need to reflect more.


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