Closet Confidence #1

Inspired by this blog post 🙂

In my journey toward precision over excess, I read and Google…A LOT.  Into-Mind is awesome for ideas with examples.  Our styles are dissimilar BUT her ideas and methods have been SO helpful to me in starting the shift from excess to thoughtful collection.

#1 from the #Closet Confidence challenge [won’t be doing in 30 days or even all of it] – recreate the signature look of your favorite style icon – mine is Victoria Beckham.  IDK if this is her ‘signature look’ or even super indicative of her overall style, but I like this look – always have…and it is one I’d mimic:

  • Full skirt
    • Actual -> Express black and navy ‘Bonnie’ skirt
    • Or -> Maggie London dress as a skirt [it is quite full – just would have to be sure exceedingly long zipper is covered]
    • Want -> one that isn’t stiff and is above the knee by an inch or more
  • Nice knit
    • Actual -> BR or EXP black sweater
    • [trial and error]
    • Want -> navy
  • Structured bag [she isn’t carrying one but I’m sure it is there in someone else’s hands!]
    • Actual -> DKNY quilted
    • Or -> KS bow bag
    • Want -> black RL bag like my orchid one
  • Pointy heels [my absolute fave]
    • Actual -> featured 🙂
    • Want -> NOTHING -> good here!
  • Simple gold necklace that is medium to large in scale
    • Want ->

Of late, as I recall the LA days, I love much that she wears.  If I had one word to sum up what I like about it, figure-flattering would be my choice (as that matters greatly to me).  A second would be polished (also mattering greatly to me).  I know that I am never happy with a sub-par outfit.

I look for similar but affordable pieces – simple, classic, cut well for my shape, pleasing materials and colors:

  • Sheaths
  • Well cut skirts
  • Great accessories (heels, bags, sunglasses)
  • Cozy knits
  • Great toppers and outerwear
  • [I look best in pants when I am s.k.i.n.n.y. – and I Can’t Even because CAKE…otherwise I’d have them listed]

Note to self -> buy nothing [I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!!!!!!!  Paraphrase of Phil 4.13] and PLAN!


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