Excited About – Power Cleans!

Great gear makes it easy to focus on form…nothing is quite as distracting as ugly and ill-fitting gear that gets in the way or doesn’t stay put (body parts will flop), hands that hurt (hey there Hex Bar 😐 and gloves that bunch), sweat in the eyes, and lack of GREAT music.

Shopping is fun – but since I am not shopping, I need new fun things.  I squat, deadlift, swing, etc.  I enjoy pursuing fitness – for both vanity and performance.

Vanity in that:

  • Appearance is important
  • I want to eat much of what I want and not look like it
  • It is more than a bit fun seeing people goggle at me when they realize how much I can lift 🙂 (lesson not to judge!)

Performance in that:

  • Stamina for daily life
  • Ease of moving things (I shift furniture a lot)
  • Watched pots don’t boil – focusing on performance prevents micromanagement of visible change
  • More goal oriented as having a target helps hugely
  • Motivation for consistency

It also is a great activity to spend time and energy in a godly manner (generally – mean mugging rude people happens, and etc. but for the most part a very healthy and benign activity) as it is good stewardship over both my body and health.  Fitness also encourages a better state of mind…with caution and focus on form – the benefits are amazing.  Why did I wait so long…I guess so I would be serious about Infant starting earlier in life!

Having mastered many of the big lifts and always wanting to learn more – I was (and am continually being blessed) blessed (God provides even the things that I think won’t matter to Him – see here) to begin learning Power Cleans.  They are very complex, very challenging, and very intense.  Due to this, I just [wrongly] assumed it was off limits without expensive training.  Thank God He provides despite my incorrect assumptions and estimations 🙂

I think I will be working hard at it until I get it – and then it will become the thing for running days 🙂

So I have been checking out videos, something I never seldom do.  Proof that whatever interests a person will hold their attention as long as needed!  Quick here and longer and very detailed here.

Fascinating and challenging!  I’m in love with a new power move!


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