3rd -Kitchen Items


Since I am not shopping, I am planning.  Planning so that I don’t buy stuff I don’t need or won’t use.

I want clear square dishes – I like when things look the same!  Sometimes 🙂  At least when it comes to dishes!

Said by me 🙂

I like crispness and sleekness in some things.  I’d love white plates, but I figure food staining would eventually happen and that would bother me.  I don’t like visual clutter.  I get tired or colors and patterns periodically.  There will be NO:

  • Counter top clutter (including appliances)
  • Excess of dishes and storage containers
  • Excess of food -> maintain basics for all recipes (flour, sugar, coffee, etc.)
  • Excess of cookbooks -> internet
  • Excess of gadgets/utensils

Things in storage that need to go or be reduced:

  • Storage containers
  • Kitchen gadgets (I’ll not use a manual chopper if I have an automated one – and honestly, I will chop to avoid clutter)
  • Glasses
  • Utensils

I am thinking -> proper storage for extras – back of a cabinet in a nice box, properly wrapped.  (i.e. Christmas dishes)  Cabinets can’t be so full that stuff must live on the counters.  It is easy to wipe down a counter and clean up when stuff isn’t on every single surface.

I am also thinking -> I need to come up with a complete list of what I have verses what I want to add.

But first, pray and ask for wisdom!




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