Not Shopping BUT I Like Nice Things


I like nice things.

I’m not shopping, but cultivating a list.  Today’s list is random – none are needs outside a new planner for 2017.

  1. I’d love a Chanel bag buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut a Kate Spade is more doable…likely would not get pink, but it is pretty
  2. Nine West makes decently comfortable pumps…and are a reasonable price for grey
  3. Kate Spade planner and Journal – will get the former – likely soon.  I don’t like not writing concert dates in 😐
  4. The cutest watch that reminds me of the cutest kitty
  5. Huge studs…all about bold accessories
  6. The cutest cat bag, cat pompom that also remind me of the cutest kitty

Of all the six, I can see myself with 3 – 6 though I would welcome all 🙂  I do kinda love Kate Spade 🙂  I do believe I can get similar earrings for less so I amend to 3, 4, & 6!

Not shopping but note to self -> don’t forget the watch and bag [as the planner is a given]!


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