Busy rushing ends in nothing.  😐

If that isn’t an indictment, IDK what is.  How much time is wasted on that which has little lasting value (where lasting value is eternal, family , learning, helping others, etc.)?

I’ve been consistent with the planner…now to better manage the time.  Moving with intention vice unfocused goals.  I’ve already noticed time gains from limiting Facebook and Instagram to weekends.

My little value items include:

  • unfocused Pinterest pursuits
  • online shopping
  • online window shopping
  • binge watching of shows
  • excessive fictional reading
  • hitting snooze too many times
  • staying up too late = too little sleep = see above

What can I change:

  • rise earlier
  • efficient workouts
  • limit internet time, esp. shopping -> impose a time limit
  • be more efficient in reading – focus to finish quickly
  • [I love to read]
  • limit show watching or multitask and read while listening
  • focused Pinterest searches that are planned
    • What am I looking to learn
    • Why am I learning it
    • What is my goal
    • Keep list and conduct searches close to the time the results will be applied

What I cannot change:

  • inability to fall asleep in a timely fashion [cyclically happens]
  • bambina schedule [priority]
  • worship, bible study times/days [set by others and I’m not one for missing]
  • others in the way of my fitness pursuits [i.e. power rack hogs]

Time slots that can be strategically used:

  • Time spent waiting before an appointment
  • Time in transit
  • Time before Bambina competes
  • Smoke Air breaks
  • Pre-gym time
  • Post-gym time
  • PM pre bed time
  • In general -> Transitions between other things

When you know better, you should do better.


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