The Idea of One


A great article here inspired some introspection.  The following were sticky:

  1. Admit you own too many clothes.
  2. Embrace the idea of one.
  3. Quality over quantity.

All of the bullets were great, but one can only work on ‘so much’ at a time.

I do own quite a lot – the upside is that Bambina can wear much these days – the downside is clutter and wrinkles.  I do not like to iron.  At all.  😐

The idea of 1 -> a new way of framing ownership and shopping.

  • 1 black bootie
  • 1 grey bootie
  • 1 tan bootie
  • 1 saddle bootie
  • 1 harness boot
  • Perhaps this isn’t in the right spirit lol 🙂
  • Need to analyze where this will be applied.

Quality has been my focus lately…getting the thing…vice a substitute that doesn’t satisfy.  Substitutes don’t bring satiety and this turns into more stop-gap purchases that don’t get worn or one time wears.  Quality ensures infrequent purchases as it seldom comes cheaply.  Do I really want that to give up the dollars?  Will I get my money’s worth?  Being real axes many.

Express tees are the best example – they pill like no other 😐

SO, if I am to embrace the idea of one – what does that mean?  I know full well I won’t just have one pair of this or that!  Or does it…changes must be made but not so drastically that they aren’t sustainable.

Where I can apply fully:

  • Colorful handbags
  • Colorful shoes
  • Extremely expensive items
  • Colorful coats/jackets
  • Blazer that fits well
  • Items that are needed consistently but not worn frequently – skirts, slacks, heels
  • Phone cases

Where I should modify then apply:

  • Shoes – limit redundancy within categories like booties, knee boots, OTK boots, level of primness or ruggedness; sneakers for activity – HIIT, lifting, running, casual
  • Necklaces – I don’t need duplicates in different colors…I really don’t need any jewels unless they are semi-precious 🙂
  • Variety within a kind – i.e. coats — weather in my locale is random…kinda cold to bitterly cold…then warm to hot then 7th circle hot.

The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want…I tell myself this on the big things – jobs, homes, and other big provision items.  But why not meditate on that for all that shopping too?  If I am to have an item, He won’t fail me…He hasn’t in the past.  Sometimes it was very obviously from His hand.

Confession -> I like having enough to delay laundry day – for good reasons [truly busy] and bad ones [truly lazy] -> a time management issue I’ve had since college!  Today I was convicted about excess just for the sake of putting off laundry.  Time is a gift and the bottom line is that I need to be a better steward of that too.  I have the same 24 hours in a day as any other industrious and efficient person!  Convenience shouldn’t be the reason for excessive consumerism.  That has to stop – and in a year, I want to see progress…and even more in five years. <- purpose of this little blog.

Praise Report -> Banana is having a sale on the sale items today – I closed my tabs without checking out.  I feel the Lord helping me to not shop.



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