A 3rd


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A good reason for not shopping is future planning.  1st house was cute but the 2nd one I loved…the idea of a 3rd causes many feelings…mainly that it will pale in comparison.  😐

8.4.16 Plans…but I am prone to radical mind changing 🙂

Main Idea – understated livable elegance that is low maintenance as far as care/cleaning go

3rd Bedroom – Guests and Office

-> Comfort and Efficiency

  • Sleeper Sofa – neutral colored that won’t show wear
  • L-Shaped Desk
  • Comfy Chair in a fun color that won’t show wear
  • Bose sound system – music while working is the best


Hearth – Family – Living

-> Elegant Comfort

  • Sectional where two can lounge without touching (grey or tan – can’t decided – I flip flop on that)
  • Ottomans for extra seats and storage
  • Dark Woods
  • Minimal extras
  • Throw Pillows that can be exchanged when a color becomes tiresome.

Master Bedroom 

-> Easy Tidiness

  • Huge Mirror
  • Lots of Clothing Storage
  • Minimal Wall Art – Black and White or Metal
  • Seating for Reading

Teenager Room – TBD [prone to pickiness that changes lol]

-> Diva!

  • I’d like to see dark woods and prettily painted walls

General Things

  • Materials -> Dark wood, Tile, Oil Rubbed Bronze, Fashion Plumbing, Thick rugs/carpets where applicable, Golden Tan or Light Grey Walls
  • Structure Features -> 2 Car Garage, Large Closets, Semi-large Kitchen, Open Floor Plan
  • Items -> Black Appliances, Kitchen Table Chairs (match existing table)

Important Observations

  • Delicate items have no place in spaces where I entertain.  Kids, though I don’t deal with many, should feel welcome.
  • Pick things that make hospitality easy.  Like -> no light carpet or furniture that would make me worry over much about damage.
  • Pick timeless things of good quality that I won’t tire of or have to replace frequently.  I like pink now -> but a pink sofa would be a bad idea…as would cheap chairs that won’t bear much weight 🙂


Not shopping so I can be inspired to do something else.  Action oriented always!

It’s easy to desire things; takes no effort at all.  However, tempering what I want for myself verses what will enable me to be my best – that takes effort.  Whatever I get in future – I want to be gracious and hospitable as the Bible commands.  I also know how I am about taking care of my stuff and how I feel toward those who would treat my things carelessly.

  • Possessions won’t be idols.
  • Possessions won’t be valued above others.
  • Possessions won’t make me poor (-> house poor).

The only option left to me is to purchase responsibly and with durability in mind.


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