Dresses & Toppers

Time to grow up and get real.  I love dresses and coats which has resulted in a wee tad of excess.  It’s easy not to buy less when one has favorites.  It worked with purses at least.

Ultimate Goal ->  godly stewardship.

The how and why seem to be good for whittling down purchases and excesses.  My analysis:


  • Fit Concerns
    • Shoulders require a FAR larger size than the waist
      • Blazers
      • Coats
    • Capes work
    • Cardigans work but BLAH, I am tired of them
  • Brand Love
    • Via Spiga – quality and fit (I am in love!  So far…)
    • Calvin Klein
  • Workarounds
    • Belted coats
    • Tailoring


  • Fit Concerns
    • Cut for the figure
    • Sleeves and shoulders
  • Brand Love (so far)
    • Calvin Klein
    • New York & Company [especially the Eva Sabrina Dress]
    • Tahari
    • Vince Camuto [hit or miss]
  • Workarounds
    • Sleeveless with cardigans
    • Belts

Next action -> wait to buy -> when it is time to purchase (same size for >= 18 months), try dresses from different places…great basic black, navy, and/or sheaths/shifts.

As for toppers (aka coats, blazers and cardigans) — no coats, but one versatile neutral blazer will be allowed…make it great and alter…or alter a fave of what I have and donate the spares.

Crucial point -> nothing short of love with a real need is wise 🙂

Note to self -> you love what you have ergo stop shopping!

😐 I feel like I need a doppelganger to do all the trying on…but at least that is a future concern.


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