Dream Capsule

1st Take.  Think and go forward rightly.

I lean towards being redundant once I find a fave or something that works (until I get bored then experimentation happens).

What works ->

Clean lines -> Minimalist and Classic with a bit of the extra.

I’m at the point now where I only want what works – I am so over clutter and one use items…trends are great but don’t always fit the body or lifestyle…the ‘IT brand’ of the minute may not work on my shape or preferences…working now doesn’t mean working later [fit goals being met – I love to donate, but donating with tags is quite convicting]…I really need to be wise and tame my love and passion with logic and good ole common sense -> stop losing sense in the sight of beautiful baubles.

If you need wisdom, ask our generous God, and He will give it to you.  he will not rebuke you for asking.

James 1.5 NLT

Pray without ceasing ->

Lord please help me to be wise about shopping – not being excessive or covetous and buying only that which honors You and that I’ll honor You while wearing.

In Jesus’s name I pray, amen.

Yet another way that I need to walk in the Spirit.

Net-A-Porter (all items shown in the above image are from there) hasn’t gotten my business [yet] but they have some pretty things so I know odds are they may at some point [investment pieces].

If money were no object I’d have all featured in my little collage…though at the end of the day – all of the above can be procured somewhere else affordably:

  • Great tees
  • Great pants/jeans
  • Great shoes
  • Great bags
  • Great toppers

My challenge however is toppers that fit well in the shoulders without being MASSIVE an LONG everywhere else.  Every body shape has its challenges but my grief…why would anyone want shoulder pads 😐

Goal -> Buy a great blazer after fit goals have been met and size has been the same 18 months – best fit through the shoulders and biceps then get it altered 😐

Until then – great cardigans 🙂


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