Wishlist on 7.28.16


With the failure of the Grey Halogen Noble boots (everything I’ve read about cheaper boots needing to be black was proven this week – grey showed every single flaw while the black looked like utter perfection), I now have new dreams…the Clare V Sandrine and Stuart Weitzman  Thighland.  If I could only have two it would be the Slate/Grey boot and Leo bag.  I love them.

I’m a frugal person at heart, but I also think they are classic enough to keep for years to come.  [= low cost per wear]  They are functional and work for my hectic lifestyle.  Two requirements:

  • Have everything I need in one place.
  • Walk as quickly as possible.
  • Doing both of the above stylishly.

I’d also like to see how my wishes evolve going forward.  I’m fairly certain my 20-something self wouldn’t have picked these.  Not sure what that says but I wish I had a wishlist to refer to (Polyvore sets give some insight into past wishes!  And um… 😐 ).

Goal -> Long Term Keepers.

But for now, I document, apply logic, and see if pursuit grieves the Holy Spirit.  🙂  Not racing ahead is challenging when my usual pace is a constant blur of chaotic motion racing from this to that…


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