Self Expression

post-not trendy

Trendy is also the last stage before tacky, as per Karl.

I try to be reasonable in my decisions over what is offered to me each season.  Will it fit, flatter, work in my lifestyle, and make sense?  If not, perhaps I should let that one pass me…lest I too be tacky!  😐

Some trends and styles I think I’ll have to pass on:

  • The off shoulder trend on my broad shoulders
  • Wide legged trousers given my short stature – regular or cropped
  • Any flowy or unbelted tent-like garments – my waist must be visible lest I look large
  • Cropped flares – I can’t see that working on a short hourglass with skinny ankles
  • Leggings as pants (sans long bum covering top) – vulgar in the extreme on me
  • Mini skirt suits – where would I even wear this?
  • Jeans with back pocket details
  • Slip dresses – the result is sloppy and dowdy…perhaps a cardigan and a belt?
  • 80’s shoulders – ugly then -> ugly now
  • Socks with  heels – had a relation that was always the stimulus for giggles for this trend so it would be hypocrisy on my part 🙂
  • Form fitting clingy materials – not even with the best shapewear 😦

I won’t do these either, but they are tempting – I’m kind of swooning for velvet, bell sleeves and corsets…so Guinevere from Merlin!  It would be fun.  🙂

Note to self -> THINK!  Things can look prettier on the model in the browser window 😐

Not shopping…for those at least 🙂


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