Circa 1999 I fell in love with the nylon black and very rectangular bags of Kate Spade.  It was just total perfection.  Why was the utterly plain bag so perfect to me?  It would go with much and I love symmetry, structure and clean lines.  I love handbags, and in my loving handbags I have learned some things:

  • hobos are cute for others but I hate how my stuff doesn’t stay put
  • bucket bags are cute for others but this too means jumbled stuff
  • floppy cloth bags are too unstructured for me
    • I avoid cloth bags in general as they show dirt, wear, and dye transfer more quickly
  • clutches are great in theory, but I like my hands free
  • cross body bags are fine for ‘field trips’ but I generally  hate having the strap across my chest for normal daily wear
  • small bags are okay in theory – but cell, keys, inhaler, wallet, money, gloss, reputable hand cream, etc. won’t all fit
  • backpack purses – only for Sports Mama events…and even then, I’d rather a smaller one that fits neatly under my arm

My Granny always referred to my sibling and me as picky…she was quite right.  Though when spending money, we all should be.  Wisely discern what meets real needs and personal preferences.

I like a bag that will hold its shape when I sit it down…and not bulge and be misshapen based on contents…the same for drooping and sagging.

I love a classic bag that is:

  • sturdy, sleek, & structured
  • neutral shades OR vivid colors (not super huge on prints and color blocking on my bags)
  • leather preferably
  • unlikely to be affected by denim dye [=nothing super delicate]

I like a great planner – one that cures want of any other planner.  It needs to have:

  1. tabs for months
  2. more than one  year – 18 months will do
  3. monthly view
  4. weekly view that follows the monthly
  5. sturdy but pretty cover
  6. quotes are nice – scripture is better [Kate Spade doesn’t but I can and sometimes do add my own.]
  7. small enough to go in my purse [I tend not to, but sometimes it is needed]
  8. well made – pretty details matter for the thing I am going to look at daily

The accessories are great also, but I wait for a sale!  Also, sometimes the earrings can be a tad too big for a second hole.

When I buy Kate Spade bags, especially as with the leather bags, I know I have a bag that will work in my life until it wears out or I purposefully retire it.  It may be the It Color but the shape is so classic, as long as I like the color, I can keep and continue to love and use the bag…i.e. no neon bags for me!

Since the ultimate aim is to buy less, I must make sure what I do buy is good quality, what I actually want, and what will be used.  Sometimes I want useless things because they are pretty 😐  The result is a closet full of things I love but can’t really use regularly.  I want to avoid this in future…hence all my deliberations over my current closet contents…study and glean what truly works.

Plans go wrong for lack of advice;

many advisers bring success.

Proverbs 15.22 NLT

Another thing is seeking wise counsel…only a great friend will tell you that you are being foolishly redundant and that you don’t need another black item in your closet.  I’m trying to hold on to this thought…and actually fully consider other colors for basic things – not just the fun things.

I’m not saying I am off buying purses indefinitely, but rather than black what other colors strike my fancy that I don’t have:

  • Grey
  • Blush
  • Apple Green
  • Salmon
  • Bourbon
  • Regular old brown [in a size that can fit all my daily accoutrements]

I think grey wins for the next…way down the line of course.  🙂  Saving myself for this possibly 🙂


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