Closet Capsules

All items above are in my closet in some form

(likely a less expensive form) 🙂

The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want.

Psalm 23.1 KJV

The Lord has blessed  this undeserving sinner 🙂 …via others, sales, and my own pursuits, I have no need nor want of anything…save perhaps SELF-CONTROL and as that is a fruit of the Spirit -> I have it, at least in seed form.  I just need to WALK in it.  🙂

For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love, and self-discipline.

2 Timothy 1.7 NLT

The KJV says ‘sound mind’ so it’s high time for me to start using it in my closet and pre-shopping analysis!  So, I shall begin by:

  • Heeding the Holy Spirit
  • Using & growing Self Control (aka Sound Mind)
  • Using Logic (another kind of Sound Mind)

Prep is key because time flies on Sunday morning or any day I have somewhere to be that requires clothes (aka not the gym, I’ve got that) – no matter how early I retire on the night before…last minute outfits can be mediocre at best and awful at worst.  I am a nut about not looking corpulent (read pudgy) so knowing in advance saves time.  I generally have what I want to wear and then a safe backup for the sake of expedience.

Today’s Not Shopping (was a bit thorny saying NO to Current/Elliot jeans that were 72.00! <- what,what!) Adventure (NSA henceforth) was mentally pairing things in my closet that I think will work into capsules.  The chief benefit of classic clothes in neutral colors is that they tend to mix well.  That is why, much to the disgust of one of my best gals, I buy them so frequently.  I am ALL about the ease (and as stated above, NOT looking corpulent).

I also thought over the general look I prefer in my NSA.

Pick a great fitting dress and change the shoes…knee boots or OTK boots or studded heels or booties!  One dress worn many ways!

Pick great jeans and change the shirt and boots…half tucks, full tucks, not tucked…Portifinos, sweaters, blouses, tees, tanks…booties, riding boots, moto boots, OTK boots, cowboy boots!  Same for skirts!

Shorts are okay, but I don’t need many.

I tend to be minimal with some kind of pop – color, drama or edge.  I sometimes feel the drudgery with so much redundancy, but I still reach for the same things…hence the pop variance. 🙂  Random accessories seem to feed my need for diversity.

Not a new concept, but regardless of knowing it, it never left the ‘do that later’ list.

It is about a billion degrees so my capsules were inspired by thoughts of:

  • plaid
  • boots
  • booties
  • leather
  • jeans
  • tights
  • vests
  • coats
  • pumpkin spice
  • sweet potato pies

Every year it is the same – summer makes me long for fall…then winter makes me long for summer…I am working on being content in that too.  Having the right clothes for the seasons helps – cute outfits that are still comfortable and seasonably appropriate.

Not shopping is hard.  😐  Today feels like success despite a minor purchase – a pitance – hygiene items – of liquid eyeliner and gloss! 😐 🙂

C’est La NSA – not shopping but likely still bought something 🙂


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